PUR Polymerics Inc

is an international provider of the chemical specialty products found in many applications and industries around the globe. Our chemical solutions are developed for a variety of applications in a wide array of industrial processes. We rely on over 20 years experience in the chemical specialty sector.

The specialty aspect of our business model not only allows us to provide competitively priced products, but to custom formulate innovative product solutions to enhance the finished product as well as enhance the manufacturing process.

Pur Polymerics is able to provide unique and key raw materials for the wood composites and polyurethane markets . Pur Polymerics is a “one stop” solution for low cost, high value speciality additives. Pur Polymerics supplies specialty chemicals including, but not limited to: fire retardant additives, internal and external release agents , specialty surfactants and anti oxidants . Pur Polymerics is able to offer these technologies delivered anywhere in the World.

Our focused approach allows us to be leaders in these market applications, we do a few things very well.

Fire Retardant Additives

Wood Composites

Polyurethane Applications